Furniture Upcycling

Our environmentally friendly ethos is to upcycle items that are no longer required and turn them into unique, attractive pieces – often with a quirky edge that people can love a second time around… or even a third!

Occasionally, pieces of furniture that have been around the block once or twice are better turned into something completely different. This is the time when another of our passions – ‘repurposing’ – comes into play… we let our minds wander with often some wonderful results. So a couple of really dilapidated chairs can make a superb bench, and old wooden kitchen doors make amazing chalk boards! And why not?

Browse and Buy

Come and talk to us if you are looking for something specific – it may well be that we will find it around the next corner and can help you achieve your unique home style. We also offer seasonal curiosities and some wonderful bespoke signage, made from recycled wood.
Furthermore, the highly responsible recycling ethos of the enterprise – keeping items from landfill and turning them into highly original painted pieces of quality has already made it a destination of choice for people seeking to endorse its environmentally friendly focus. In 2018 Changing Perceptions started selling Eco Cups.

Furniture donations welcomed

If you are moving or downsizing or clearing a relative’s house please do think of us. We welcome furniture that we can upcycle. Please do telephone first to check that someone is there to take your donated furniture in to save you a wasted journey. Unfortunately, we cannot collect furniture but it can be dropped off by our back door via South Street Car Park, in Godalming.

It’s furniture with attitude and a conscience